GitHub profile building for job preparation (Data Analyst)

Hello everyone and hope you and yours are all well.

I am new to this community and really need your help and expertise on how to build a GitHub profile.

I assume my question is might be naive and there could be lots of discussions on this topic within the community. I would be very grateful if you can share me some links or feel free to comment below.

I am from a mathematics and Financial Risk Management background, and looking to transfer myself to a Data Analyst career within Financial service section, so involves of some work of data processing, analysing and virtualising.

I assume potential employers may see GitHub profiles as a supplement to CV and Cover Letter, and would like to know what are they interested in when they are reviewing somebody’s profile. I know it would take a long time to really build up a decent profile, but it is never too late to start.

Thank you again for your time reading this post, any opinion is appreciated.

Hi, welcome to the forums!

Your GitHub profile and your website/portfolio is where you will be able to show any potential employer what you can actually do. Sure, your resume says that you know Python, etc, but to reinforce that you should have some projects to back that up. There are projects here in all of the courses and you will get ideas for off-platform projects too. You can upload them all the your GitHub profile and have several repositories to showcase what you can do.

I hope that helps. Happy coding!