Github problem

Why: "Merge branch ‘main’ of " is written at the top of the files? Can anyone help me?


If i’m not mistaken it just shows the last operation that was done on the repository with the commit ID next to it, how long ago it happened and how many commits thus far on the Repo.

Did you perform a merge from another branch anything recently?


Just as @codedbydom93 said. That is actually the message of the last commit you have made. You can customize them when making a commit or any other operation. That is just the default message when you merge two branches.

No, I didn’t perform a merge from another branch. I think it happened, when I pull and push project. Actually I don’t remember when it happened, but I understand that it is a last commit. And I didn’t make this commit.

I mean it shouldn’t impact your repo in any way. Just keep an eye out when you push/pull/merge and see when it changes.

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I am having a problem with Git and GitHub lessons. I understood everything that Codeacaemy explained but the problem has happened when I was actually doing it. I don’t know where I am wrong. It could be in Vs code or it could be in GitHub. I was trying to put my file in Github by using a command line or another way of GitHub ( not uploading the file though). I have followed all videos and was doing as per their instruction, but it was always not successful. I cannot even use Terminal and do ‘push’ to GitHub. I have read the command line, GitHub part 1. I don’t know what I need? Could someone advise where do I start reading or practising in order to use Github? When I signed in to GitHub, the first page i saw is totally different from other people. It showed No local changes then i continue to the Github page and showed the '404 page not found. What is happening in my GitHub? I followed one of the Codeacademy videos to practise the ‘push’ command by using Terminal. I followed exactly as instructed but it appeared that my file or directory was not found etc. Why is happening? Is there anything wrong with my computer? Some files are under Cloud, is it because of that? How do I do to continue well with GitHub?

If you’ve not done it might be worth taking the time to look into the command line course. In many cases you can get away with a GUI but there are still some things that might be simpler with the command line.

So far as I can tell your first screenshot is you working on your own device? There’s an error in that command, there needs to be a space between the command cd and your path.

If you can clarify exactly what you’re getting stuck on that would help. Since this doesn’t really relate to the original post it’d be worthwhile adding further queries in their own thread.

Thanks rgrtim

here are the things i want to do. It came out a lot of files in Terminal which i don't understand. Of course, there are many files and folders but I don't get it why I got all this complication. I just want to test a project, push to GitHub by using the command-line. Please see my screenshot. 

1st Screenshot- is my Desktop - you can see all folders under the name of thaewin. 

2nd Screenshot- I went into the Projects folder and you will see . HTML and . CSS files (Dashmoto). I want to put this Projects Folder to GitHub by using the Command line ( as per Codeacademy video). 

3rd Screenshot - Terminal, i tested firstly git init, git add, git commit ( there I am stuck) then  , I typed pwd , ls ( to see what's going on ), it came out all files and folders![Screenshot 2021-03-30 at 10.00.39|690x431](upload://ijeQE0kBjEi7q8fMmN21acvCjpj.png) ![Screenshot 2021-03-30 at 10.01.02|690x430](upload://pVGJ0aFKZH9humLiXRNeHHicdIs.png) ![Screenshot 2021-03-30 at 09.59.44|690x431](upload://g5U20KO5oSon6LDksFz62fu9T0v.png) . I knew these files I have. I cannot get rid of all folders. I don't know what I should do to remove all folders from my computer.  I just want to succeed PUSH process to GitHub. The project i want to put is ' Dashmoto-arts and crafts ' with HTML and CSS files which are in the Projects folder. 

@tgrtim ,sorry the screenshot are not uplodated before , here are the screenshots. They are uploaded now.

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![Screenshot 2021-03-30 at 10.00.39|690x431](upload://ijeQE0kBjEi7q8fMmN21acvCjpj.png

It looks like you have run git init on your HOME user folder. This means that git is trying to record everything within this folder recursively which is not a good idea. You should remove the .git folder from within this folder.

One that is done then navigate to your new project, make certain you’re in the correct folder and then run git init. Generally you only want to be tracking a single project like this.

There’s another mistaken command here, it should be git add . if you wanted to add every file that git offers to track (those listed with git status) as untracked or modified.

Once again I’d highly suggest the command line course and possibly the git course if you’ve not done them. You’ll be constantly running it errors like this otherwise which will likely cost you more time in the long term.

Please also start a new thread if you get stuck again, as I said before this does not relate to the original.

thank you, i am doing Commandline course and i am stuck again this stage of command line. Could you let me know in commandline No2- what do i have to type? I type “Kendrick …” then type Ctrl+ o or Cmd+o but they are not working. What are the process please ?

Please could you put this together as a new question. I have asked more than once for you to create entirely new queries that have nothing to do with the original post in a new thread.
How to ask good questions (and get good answers)

ok i have resent now as new topic , thanks