Github problem

Why: "Merge branch ‘main’ of " is written at the top of the files? Can anyone help me?


If i’m not mistaken it just shows the last operation that was done on the repository with the commit ID next to it, how long ago it happened and how many commits thus far on the Repo.

Did you perform a merge from another branch anything recently?


Just as @codedbydom93 said. That is actually the message of the last commit you have made. You can customize them when making a commit or any other operation. That is just the default message when you merge two branches.

No, I didn’t perform a merge from another branch. I think it happened, when I pull and push project. Actually I don’t remember when it happened, but I understand that it is a last commit. And I didn’t make this commit.

I mean it shouldn’t impact your repo in any way. Just keep an eye out when you push/pull/merge and see when it changes.

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