GitHub - Pharmacyst/Mixed_Messages: First Codecademy Portfolio Project

Here’s my output for the first portfolio project for the Full Stack career path.

All in all a pretty straightforward project. Remembering how to get the thing to run in Node was the most difficult part for me, as was remembering how to use string interpolation. All this because my day job and recent vacation made me put this off until well past the time it takes me to forget what I learn. :sweat_smile:

The project took me maybe three hours including thinking about how to structure my script, setting up my repo, coding, and testing along the way.

You can find my output in the following GitHub repo:

I enjoyed doing this project, and I appreciated its relatively small scope. Doing something small like this feels like an ideal ice-breaker to coding outside the Codecademy site and a great first step to building a portfolio.

I thought of at least 3 different ways to structure my code. I chose this one as a compromise between readability (keeping functions separate and not nesting everything) and efficiency (less lines of code).

Any feedback is welcome.

Kind regards,