GitHub personal access token issue

My GitHub project

I recently posted in the codecademy forum that I was unable to push my local repository to my remote GitHub repository.
The problem/issue was that as of August 13, 2021 GitHub would no longer accept your password when pushing to
a new repository. Instead a user is required to create and use a 'personal access token".
But my personal access token was not being accepted. And I kept receiving various errors:
A 403
that I was not associated with my GitHub account
Github also said I was using a password still, but I was not, I was using the access token I created
So I created a local repo and a remote repo in Github to try to push to in an attempt to resolve this issue.

It took some patience and time, but I was finally able to use the personal access token and push to GitHub.
So, I wanted to provide my experience fro anyone who might be having the same issue.


Glad to hear you got it sorted. Was there anything in particular that fixed it or was it unclear?

Not entirely sure what the issue was.
As I indicated I created three ‘personal access tokens’.
The first two did not work when I did a ‘git push -u origin main’
I deleted both, and created a third ‘personal access token’
I coped it (as directed by GitHub)
and pasted it when prompted for my ‘password’ (but its a personal access token - jeez GitHub)
and it worked.
I have since created another new local and remote repository successfully.
And I am not being prompted for username/password as Github confirmed my access token.

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