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Hello everyone, I am a new here and it’s my first time I would like to ask something.
So the problem is with very beginning on Git. The Project was basic - just to make a new page with one html file to know how it works. (I am learning Full-stack engineer path)
And the problem is that in lesson is written that my page is
but it doesn’t exist. It shows me Error 404. I made everything that I could in Github Pages, but didn’t really help.
What I could do else? Want to understand how to work with that crazy but so popular Github :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot.

Hello, welcome to the forums!

Can you share a link to the repository please? :slightly_smiling_face:


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Looking at the repository quickly, it doesn’t look like GitHub pages has been enabled, you’ll want to go to your repository’s settings page → “Pages” tab → select main from the dropdown menu → save → wait for it to build:

Once you do and it’s taken a few moments to build, your site will be made available at

Note: if you want it to be (without the repository name on the end) then you’ll want to rename the repository to At the moment, the repo name is the same as your username, which may potentially cause issues, as GitHub uses the repo with your username to provide the README for your portfolio, which isn’t what you want here (although I’m not sure if GH renders .html files for that, or just Markdown files).

I did it already before. Thanks a lot!
So for what name I have to rename repo for, to delete my username after .io/ ?

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You would want to rename it in the format,, so for you you’ll want to call the repository, you should be able to rename it from the repository settings page.

Happy coding! :slight_smile:

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