Github pages


Apologise for probably a very silly question but I am very new to coding and still trying to get my head around it! I am a little confused with Git Hub Pages and Git Hub. Can anyone break down the difference between the two? I have read and watched all documentation but I am still unsure. I do not understand the deploy your website sections - I have followed the instructions given, but the url does open anything and is it supposed to be a personal website/portfolio or is name cheap my website/portfolio?

sorry to be stupid

Many Thanks

You use Github pages to host a website or project directly from a GitHub repository. You will also have the domain name http://username.github .io/reponame where the name of the repository on GitHub is called reponame.

Github is where you host your code i.e your repository.

If you are trying to deploy your website, make sure your homepage is located at the root level of the repository and the name of the file is index.html.

P.S: No question is silly.


Thank you so much for replying, much appreciated.