GitHub Pages error -- googling doesn't help

I’m having a lot of trouble with git (again :/). I followed the instructions here: as instructed in the Deploy with Github Pages lesson (here), but I get this error message when I try to push (the final step):

error: src refspec main does not match any```

Googling this error seems to indicate that the problem is not adding and committing any files prior to the push command, but I did add and commit prior to the push command (and got this: "[master (root-commit) ae49110]"), so I'm not sure how to fix it. When I navigate to the github pages address ( ) I get a 404 message.

I find git to be by far the most frustrating thing here and I have no idea what I'm doing wrong, but I'm obviously doing something consistently wrong. I appreciate any help anyone can offer!

It looks like your local branch is called master, so the command would be
git push origin master

Hey thank you! Somehow these also ended up nested (there’s a directory called within a directory called, which is confusing and probably not what’s supposed to happen. I think I need to read basically all the git documentation from scratch…