Github or DB browser?


Just wondering about the options going forward and what system I need to use for showcasing my learning to employers and putting solutions on to here/anywhere.

It’s been suggested by Codecademy that GitHub should be used.

So, I’m wondering if this is the case if using the DB Browser as well? Does it not have the same functionality?

Github is probably just the more prefered platform?

Any advice on using Github over DB Browser would be great, as I find DB Browser very easy to use and would be personally prefered.


Googling db browser gives me this:

is that what you mean?

In that case, use both. They serve different purposes, git is version control while DB browser is used to manage your database

in an application, database is just one of multiple layers

Thanks for clearing that up for me.

Just trying to get my head around all the new portals, licenses, software etc.

So I now face the choice or learning it all the hard way, command style, or going the easy way, DB Browser.

Surely I should learn it the proper way first, then go DB later as employers might need me to write commands without DB being an option?

I haven’t use SQLite much, mostly mySQL. For which i used mysql workbench. Which is totally fine to get started with, makes it a lot easier to run multiple queries, put your query on multiple lines for readability.

With databases, you just need to get started. Writing your own database system from scratch would take years, and by the time you are done, your code is outdated.

So I understand from what you’re saying, as long as I keep up to date with relevant software packages(DB Browser/MySQL Workbench etc), I should be fine to navigate/find what I want, from where I want and employers won’t be testing me on my ability to code perfect without them from the get go.

I had imagined I would be creating a database to begin with, but interesting concept!

I’m trying the data science route, mainly trying to get into data analytics as I’ve really enjoyed working with Excel and designing semi automated spreadsheets, also most realistic for me where my career si to side step into that industry.

No, the DB browser and mySQL are just GUI programs to manage your databases

the tricky bit is actually knowing SQL (structured query language), which you use create tables, read information and much more). You need to understand joins, aggregates and more.

I know about aggregates and basics, as I’ve just completed both, now on to multiple tables.

I’ll stick to learning from Codecademy browser for now.