Github login fail on bash. 3/7 Initialize your Repo


Hey guys, I was looking for more info to get a solution for this exercise.

i got this so far.

  1. We need to create a new repository. done!

  2. Then we need to push the repo. using this codeline.

git remote add origin

  1. After that we need to login on bash with our login nickname and pass on github. but i got a problem with the password. Bash doesn't let me write nothing and my cursor got stuck.

I apprecciate any help.


pd: I apologize for my english.


I'm guessing that you can type just fine, but that it's just hiding your password

If logging in with password is problematic then you can also use ssh keys (generate a key pair with ssh-keygen and add the public key to your github account and make sure permissions are ok with the .ssh directory by entering chmod 700 ~/.ssh)


jekyll cd new personal website then git init help worked for me


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