GitHub issue

remote: Support for password authentication was removed on August 13, 2021. Please use a personal access token instead.

remote: Please see Token authentication requirements for Git operations | The GitHub Blog for more information.

Very frustrated, can someone help.
I’m using bash and Visual Studio code to do the Intermediate Python course and the “message-generator” project. I created a Directory with 2 files ( and script.js). After I did a ‘git init’ to initialize the local repository I went over to GihHub to create a remote repository. When I attempted to to do - git push -u origin main - GitHub asks for my username and password. Then I get the above two responses. But I am actually entering an access token, not a password. I don’t understand what the problem might be. (My understanding is GitHub no longer will accept a password and now requires a (very long) access token, which I have.

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You’re absolutely right, the password authentication has been deprecated. It’s simply not supported for github based repos any longer. It has been raised as an issue before but it hasn’t gone anywhere yet, by all means add a message to the suggestions/feedback section of the forums as you’re not the only one who has run into this problem :roll_eyes:.

If you’re working locally then you could consider caching tokens so that you don’t have to enter them every time, they are various keychain tools for this or have a look at Caching your GitHub credentials in Git - GitHub Docs


Thanks for responding. I hesitate to added more complexity to this issue as I feel as though there is something lese amiss that I don’t see or perhaps comprehend. Why is Github not recognizing the token that they demanded I use instead of a password?
And, now perhaps I have made the issue worse, or just different. Now when, in bash, I enter git push -u origin main, GitHub no longer asks for my username, but only my ‘password’ (the token), but then I get an error 403 or
‘remote: Permission to jalcoding8/message_generator.git denied to jalcoding8.’ How can I be denied access to my own GitHub repository when Github seem to be acknowledging that is is my account?
And why the frick does Github not update their page and change the name from password to token, and further, why on your ‘profile page’ in ‘settings’ does GitHub still allow you (or appear to) change your username and password?! Would you have any possible suggestion(s) as to how to approach my specific problem? Or are you saying Caching will solve the problem? I am not familiar with this and did read the link documentation.

It’s not an error I’ve encountered but set-ups for specific operating systems may be somewhat different, the following might be useful for you-

I’m not entirely sure about the permissions error. I know you can create very strict controls on what access tokens can do, for example on a less secure device I’ve limited the degree of access so that losing such a device wouldn’t cause as much of a problem. Perhaps you have a token with limited permissions?

You can have a look at your current access tokens and their permissions under If it’s unclear then perhaps the creation guidance would help Creating a personal access token - GitHub Docs

If that’s no good then you might want to have a web search for that particular error. I’m afraid I don’t recognise it so I can’t offer much help.

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I used that link to create my token. I indicated the token would be used to update files. And I see that Github is showing I used my new token in the last week. Yet there seems to be a disconnect of some kind between acknowledging I have a token and the token being functional.

Prior to August 13th, 2021, whenever I attempted to create a new repository in GitHub I was never asked to enter my username/password. I’m just hoping to get back to that environment somehow.

What is your OS? I think some of them might cache certain details automatically; if you never entered any authentication details whenever you pushed commits etc. then it must have stored the details away somewhere.

I use a MacBook Air laptop with Mojave (and Google Chrome as my browser, but have Safari as a backup). The current situation would suggest the possibly ‘saved’ credentials have been superseded as a result of the GitHub (awful) password to token modification. Or do you think I might be able to pursue that as a solution?

It might have been storing things in keychain then but I really can’t say for certain, this one might be useful-

Definitely look around, e.g. google for details on how what OSX folks had to do when the username/password combination was deprecated if not

OK, thanks. I’ve already been Googling and stack overflowing. I might as well try caching as you suggested. I doubt I could make things much worse.
And I might just forget about GitHub for a bit and create a gist for this project.
I do think codecademy should address this problem as is certainly is a significant change in GitHub. And it’s making me feel stupid and frustrated.