Github https

Hello i’m a little stuck. The article on setting up git up it wants to set it up in https, unfortunately for me the link the it sent me to only doesn’t provide the information. I would just like a link that might help or maybe I just misunderstood. I’ve never use the program before so if you could help it would be appeciated. Thank you.


What part of git are you trying to set up? A new repository? Installing it on your system?

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caching your password configuring your computer for https

which information is that?

what are you trying to do and what’s preventing you from doing that?

what that page you linked to describes is not at all required to use git with https, if you read what they say, that’s just for remembering your password so that you don’t have to retype it over and over

Okay, then the caching a password is what I was confused on.
I’m pretty sure I figured it out after rereading a few things.
I assuming
$ git config --global credential.helper wincred
is the command line I need to enter then that portion is done?