Github guidance pages on cc suggests the now deprecated https password authentication

Hello Codecademy forums! I am at 39% in the front-end career path and want clarification on this article/instruction about adding a local repository via git to a repository on github. I’m working on a computer with Ubuntu version 20.04.2 (focal fossa) btw (see the exercise article link below.)
In the article, it tells us to use HTTPS as an authetication option but apperently, as of 2021 August 13, using a github password is not valid anymore. I am going to try setting up 2factor authentication in order to connect my local repository to the one I created on github. Maybe I should get a personal access token to enter instead of my github password? But the main point of this post is that I think this exercise may need to be updated and is very confusing at least for Linux users

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Got the same, so I think it’s for all users (am using MacOS). This change was signalled quite a while ago so updating this is maybe overdue now.

Any particular recommendations for setting up two-factor authentication?

Yeah it is for all users. I would generate an SSH key and use SSH instead of HTTP. This link; to set it up:

And yes this lesson NEEDS TO BE UPDATED

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