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Hi all – I just completed this challenge and have a more general question about best practices when hosting multiple projects on my GitHub account.

I am new to coding and plan to do as many projects like this as I can find in JS. I am also working on a few different HTML/CSS projects at the moment and plan to do many more.

What is the convention for how many projects should live inside a GitHub repo?

For example: should the code for this project (the single JS file with some 100 lines of code) live in its own repo by itself? Or instead, should I make a repo titled something like “JS projects” and host all my different projects there?

My gut tells me web-dev stuff should be their own repo – ie 1 website = one repo.

Any thoughts you have on the matter and other useful GitHub conventions for a novice in the field would be much appreciated.

Hi there - welcome to the forum!

While you’re still learning, I don’t think there’d be any issue with you having a single repo - called, for example, “Codecademy Web Dev” - where you put all the code for the projects and challenges you’ve created during that course.

If you take a look at any of the larger projects on GitHub, though, generally you’ll find that a repo contains the code for a specific project or product. :slight_smile:

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