Github CLI wont authenticate

I’m trying to get Github CLI to work and I’m following all the steps but my bash keeps giving me this response.

gh auth login
? What account do you want to log into? [Use arrows to move, type to filter]
GitHub Enterprise Server
could not prompt: Incorrect function.
You appear to be running in MinTTY without pseudo terminal support.
To learn about workarounds for this error, run: gh help mintty

Hey all! I found out a solution for Git Bash!
Instead of running <command>, run winpty <command>.[exe|cmd].
Or, if you are too lazy :wink:, run echo "alias <command (without options)>=\"winpty <command (without options)>.[exe|cmd]\"" >> ~/.bashrc

In this case: echo "alias gh=\"winpty gh.exe\"" >> ~/.bashrc