Github authentication problem


I’ve encountered an authentication problem with Github and Its brought my training to a halt. This is the second time that I’ve had trouble pushing to repositories for authentication failures and I dont know why. The first time I was able to follow the Github help document on how to regenerate an SSH key and update my profile. This time the process doesnt work because when I attempt to add the new SSH key to my SSH agent I get an error:

Host: couldn’t get address for ‘Desktop’: not found

Once again Im following the GitHub process exactly but the outcome has changed.

  • I can generate a new SSH key
  • I’m having trouble adding the ssh key to the ssh agent using the github help guide.
  • I verified the home directory path is is Users/(me)/ssh/id_rsa
  • while attempting to add the agent using the documented command - $ ssh-add -K/.ssh/id_rsa it fails with the error- ‘host: couldn’t get address for ‘Desktop’: not found’
  • I’m not entering Desktop in any command or path
  • Ive googled the exact error repeatedly and found nothing
  • My capstone project is on hold and this may be where I drop out because of the time Ive lost trying to fix this and my frustration level is high!