Gitbash not working?


I just downloaded Gitbash for the first time but was confused about where I was in the filesystem. I’ve used “pwd” to identify where I am but I have no idea what the MINGW64 directory is or why I can’t seem to go one level above it or get out of it. It doesn’t have any of my usual folders like ‘Downloads’ or ‘Desktop’.

I was worried if I had downloaded a fake/virus version of Gitbash? or if I’m just missing something…

I tried a lot of other commands as well but just took a small screenshot to summarize what I’m seeing over and over again.

I’m no git bash expert but I think it is built on MINGW64 which google tells me is 'Minimum GNU for Windows 64 bit '.

I believe you are in the root directory of MINGW64. Just cd to the volume/directory you are looking for.

For example, my downloads folder is on my E: volume, so from that same / directory you are in I can just cd to the dir I want:

me@comp MINGW64 /
$ cd e:downloads

me@comp MINGW64 /e/downloads
$ ls python*

me@comp MINGW64 /e/downloads

I think / is the root of the GNU software/emulator? So just cd to the root of whatever windows volume you want to access and you can proceed from there

@slersner Thanks so much for replying to my question!

You inspired me to google MINGW64 as well and I found my solution indirectly. It looks like Gitbash accepts ~ before a directory name, presumably to indicate that the directory could be anywhere within the filesystem: