Gitbash hangs with `git push -u` and https credentials

For a number of folks for use git for windows who find their gitbash terminal hangs when using git push -u origin main or similar…

The probable cause

I cannot confirm but the most likely cause is a known bug in git credential manager that has been patched very recently-
Cut release by mjcheetham · Pull Request #375 · GitCredentialManager/git-credential-manager · GitHub

There’s an issue raised in git for windows which provides gitbash (this is for the portable version though it seems likely it also affects the install) which may use git credential manager (if you selected that option at install) but it has not yet been merged or a new release made just yet.
Git push hangs after CredentialHelperSelector ( portable) · Issue #3294 · git-for-windows/git · GitHub

Possible workarounds-

As mentioned in the issue linked above you can try the latest snapshot or an earlier version of git for windows, more details on that here-

Re-install / reconfigure and use a different credential manager-

Use cmd instead of gitbash-

Relevant threads on CC forums-

If anyone spots any others or finds useful links/info please add it :slightly_smiling_face:


Unbelievable. It looks like someone over at Git For Windows didn’t do enough testing before merging that PR into main :joy:

Thanks for investigating this further @tgrtim! This was a difficult one to pin down without actually doing a fresh install with the latest version of Git For Windows/Git Bash. And shout out to @erodriguez10 for doing some excellent research as well! :tada:


There is now a release of git for windows that uses the patched git credential manager-


i am on the “Getting Started Off-Platform” for the Command Line Interface. I have never used anything like this before. I downloaded gitbash and the first exercise is to type ls. i don’t get folders like they suggest but instead i get, what seems to be, info about the gitbash program. Next, when I try to make the test directory, it says permission denied. Seems like I’m off on the wrong foot. any suggestions?

Hmm no I’m afraid I don’t know exactly why that would happen. I think starting a new post in #get-help might be the best option as it’s not directly related to the previous post. Including a couple of screenshots or more information about what you tried and what happened would be useful and hopefully we can get to the bottom of it, ta.

Thank you so much for looking and responding. The forums are invaluable to me. I should have trouble shot it more myself first. I think the issue was something it wanted me about when loading originally. My computers user name had spaces and it warned me that that could create issues in finding the directory. I ended up rebooting My whole laptop and starting with a username with no spaces to avoid that problem ever happening again, and gitbash worked fine after that :stuck_out_tongue:

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