Gitbash giving me "no permission" message

Current exercise:

I’m trying trying to make a new directory called “git_practice” as instructed, but gitbash gives me an message saying “cannot create directory ‘git_practice’: permission denied.” I’m not sure what the issue is.

If you’re denied permission to create a directory then you might want to check where you’re trying to create it
(well, actually, you should know where you are trying to create it before you do, obviously)
And whether you have permissions to write to that location

For example, if you’re trying to create a directory in C:\Windows\System32\ then, yeah, that’s going to get denied.

Or maybe you’re in a completely reasonable location but have tinkered with the permissions there and would need to undo it.

Reasonable location typically means somewhere under your home directory.

Or maybe the command you used just don’t make much sense, and then you’d need to reconsider how the program you’re using to create a directory is at all used.