Gitbash download issue Rock Paper Scissors x99

In the Rock Paper Scissors x99 project, we have to use the command line (git bash) in order to open the folder in visual studio code in visual studio code. When I try to open the folder, I get an error message every time. I tried to re-install gitbash, but the results were the same.

Either I get
“bash: cd: too many arguments” or
" No such file or directory"

I don’t know if something is wrong with gitbash or my computer, but I think that this section of the course explains too little for the content covered.

When you have a directory with spaces in it you need to surround it in double quotes or use a \.

Example for a directory names “testing this”.

cd "testing this"
cd testing\ this

This is why people often choose to camelCase directory names or use underscores _ for spaces.

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The folder’s name is
I tried surroudning it with " but it did not work. Something that I am missing here?

Yea, that’s not a folder name, that’s a zip file (compressed bundle of the files you want that takes up less space).
To unzip for command line you can run unzip which should decompress the file into a directory of that name (minus the .zip).

Or you can unzip the file from your computer first and then open it in the command line.

Thank you it worked!
I have an issue when I’m trying to name the variables. I really don’t know what’s wrong here. I do get the first two checked off the list, but the rest just remain red no matter what I do. If you watch from 4:50

Can you share the code you’re having issues with?

From 4:50, we are supposed to create 12 global variables and set them to undefined:
let playerOneMoveOneType;
let playerOneMoveTwoType;
let playerOneMoveThreeType;
let playerTwoMoveOneType;
let playerTwoMoveTwoType;
let playerTwoMoveThreeType;
let playerOneMoveOneValue;
let playerOneMoveTwoValue;
let playerOneMoveThreeValue;
let playerTwoMoveOneValue;
let playerTwoMoveTwoValue;
let playerTwoMoveThreeValue;
For me only the first two work, but the rest just don’t work for some reason. I tried to simplify by using a comma like shown in the walkthrough video, but that did not work for any of them.