Git workflow help me!


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There is a question, please see my example first.

This is the work flow of git.
1,Fetch and merge changes from the remote
2,Create a branch to work on a new project feature
3,Develop the feature on your branch and commit your work
4,Fetch and merge from the remote again (in case new commits were made while you were working)
5,Push your branch up to the remote for review

I give you an example which is actually as same as codecademy ask me to do.
1, do git clone first
remote Sally branch A->B->C

local master branch A->B->C

2,do fetch and merge
remote Sally branch A->B->C->D

local master branch A->B->C->D

3, do feature on my local bio-questions branch
remote Sally branch A->B->C->D

local master branch A->B->C->D
local bio-questions branch A->B->C->D->F

Codecademy ask us to create a new branch named bio-questions.
1,why we need this bio-questions? can we just work on local master branch?
2,when we work with bio-questions branch, if remote branch is changed to be A->B->C->D->E,
my question is how to do with the merge process. to fetch and merge to local master branch or local bio-questions-branch??

really confusing. hope some one can help me.

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