Git Workflow 6/8 bug


Hello everyone,

I’m kinda stuck on course 6/8 on Git Workflow and already submitted a bug for it, but I’m wondering if anyone else had the same problem and fixed it somehow.

I’m completing the first 2 instructions of the course and the page is reloading to a blank state, tried to change the browser, restart my pc, restarted the course… anything I could think of, every time I hit enter on a second bash command, the page reloads.

Anyone else had/has this problem and know a solution?

Thank you!


Found a work-around: before you use “cd my-quizzes” type any git command and you will receive the error: not a git repository… after that you can follow the course without problems.


Nevermind, this works for bash only, when you go for step 4 of the course it crashes again.


Working work-around without completing the course yourself: insert 2 random git commands in bash and the “Solution” button will pop-up, select it and finish.