Git won't let me type @

Hi everyone

I am quite new at programming so my knowledge of things goes as far as the full stack program teaches. I am starting the section about GIT and GITHUB and I ran into some problems while trying the thing out (

While following instructions I ran into this mistake

Browsing online I found that I have to set up an user name and an email. However, when I try to type in @ nothing happens and if I keep on pushing the button, eventually it returns an r . I’ve tried pasting it but when I do CRTL+V it just writes ^V.

Could someone please help so I can set up everything and move forward?
Thanks in advance

Hmm, I assume that’s gitbash being funny but I can’t see why it happens for that character in particular. Ctrl-v would have a special meaning to the terminal though, you should be able to paste with Ctrl-Shift-v or a middle mouse click (I think gitbash lets you configure these too if you wanted to change them long term).

Hopefully it’s not necessary but if you’re still having trouble then an option for now would be to directly edit the config file. Something like git config --list --show-origin would show you the location of your config file (ignoring local configs for now).

The relevant input would look like this in the config file (replaced with your chosen details). The indent appears to be a single tab character.

	email =
	name = me
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Thanks a lot! using the middle button of the mouse did the work (crtl+alt didn’t work though). Ima guessing part of the issue might be thyat my git is in english nd my keyboard is spanish? well in any case thanks again!

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That could be it, perhaps a web search could offer some solutions for a little more compatibility (that’s a guess).

If you want to turn on some of the keyboard shortcuts in gitbash click the top left symbol and go to options in the drop-down menu-

Under “keys” it has some options for further shortcuts like copy and paste with insert or with ctrl-shift so pick what you prefer.