Git TeamWork 7/8 structure understanding improvement

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IMHO there is an opportunity to improve exercise: Git TeamWork 7/8
If you have been actually been paying attention throughout the course. You can clearly check the origin with <git remote -v> as you can see from the terminal this is the following path:

$ git remote -v
origin /home/ccuser/workspace/curriculum-a/science-quizzes (fetch)

Instruction number 2 states:

To /home/ccuser/workspace/curriculum/science-quizzes

  • [new branch] bio-questions -> bio-questions

Diff in path:

Nowhere in the instructions box does it state to use the word ‘origin’ to actually run the command fully i.e: git push

So rather than following a real life scenario, which in this case would have been:

git push /home/ccuser/workspace/curriculum/science-quizzes bio-questions

we ended up using:

git push origin bio-questions

I know this may seem as me not being flexible, is just that being a noob sometimes the attempt is to make out the exercise from real context and could not find the ‘origin’ elsewhere except on the beginning of the page. Or maybe just having difficulty following steps :slight_smile: anyways if someone also feel similar or has some counter statements, kindly share to learn more, thanks.

Nevermind… I have just found out on 8/8 that indeed the actual syntax is verbatim with the word origin as in:

git push origin <branch_name>

However IMHO instructions still should have explicitly stated this for noobs like me.


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