Git substitute for example Notepad++

My question doesn’t really concern one of the excercises but is more a general question. I hope this doesn’t conflict with the forum rules (yes, so far I have been to lazy to read the forum rules, for this is only the second time actually checking it out, and first time using it)

So do I understand correctly when I’m saying that Git is used as a substitute for a writing program like Notepad++ ?

If not, what makes them different?

If yes, are there occassions it would be better to use something else (again: like notepad++) than Git?

Thanks for the help.

That’s like comparing a chair to a banana. Not a whole lot in common whatsoever.

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After spending some time I figured as much:stuck_out_tongue:
So correct me if I’m wrong (and you’re willing to) but Notepad++ would be (or could be) the working directory and Git is used to track and save the changes made there.
If this is correct it raises the question: ‘what’s the practical use of tracking these changes?’.
I’m sorry if I’m asking question that sound really dumb. I am trying to understand every underlying aspect. Appreciate the help!

np++ edits text files, a directory is something part of a file system which is provided by the OS
Being able to track multiple branches and going backwards and forwards in time, finding out when something was changed and by who, and how, and why, and all kinds of things that I’m not able to think of, are important, especially as the size, time, and number of people grows


The operating system (very likely windows or mac) you use has something called a filesystem, which consist of files and directories

the working directory simple refers to the directory you have open, this can be by using windows file explorer on windows (which can you use to navigate the file system), so for example c:\users\your_user\Documents could be the working directory.

Notepad can save files to the file system.

ionatan gave a good description of what git does. If you make a change to a file using notepad++, but then find out that this change is no good, or it gives a bug in your program, git allows you to view the changes you made and even roll-back to an earlier version of the file. This is just one example, git can do much more. As described by ionatan


Thank you guys for the clear explanation! This clarifies a few important things for me. Much appreciated!

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