Git questions


I have some questions about Git

  1. what’s the difference between the application and the Github on the website? I find it problematic to create a new repository on the application. It might just be me

  2. What is it in simple terms what you do when you create a repository?Is it a project which stores code?

  3. How can I sync a project I created in Visual Code in Git?

  4. How can I sync some repositiories in GitKranken?



git is the actual software, you can use it without ever touching github. github provides a web based service for hosting repositories and various tools which make managing/collaborating on a repo easier. Other web-based hosting services with similar options exist bitbucket/gitlab etc.

A really good place to start (on what it is that git actually does) that will give better answers than I can-
Even if you don’t read the whole thing right now the first few pages alone should give you a good idea of how git works.

Both gitkraken and vscode have brilliant getting started docs that cover far more than a forum reply could manage.

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