GIT problems in general in the interface

I have general issues with the Git part. Probably these are very easy problems. Do you experienced the same?

  • even there is an error message, the exercise shows, it is done: green and ticked. why?
  • ctrl C ctrl V is not working at all (is this noraml in this section / git?)
  • when I am asking for the code (solution), the interface solve the problem (ticking the exercises), but do not show the code but saying ‘New Session’. It also solves all tasks, not just that one I am stuck, so I have no clue how to solve them (does not show the code just solving it)

Hi dear friend, the ONLY think i can answer is the topic 2 about Ctrl-V. Remember you’re in a bash environment (shell command), here it’s not allowed to copy and paste as usually you do in windows. You need to type all commands. Other way to recover your past entered commands is using your cursor and the re-edit your past commands.

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