Git_practice can't login to GitHub from git, grey key symbol where password would go

I am following “Set Up with Git and GitHub” on a Mac. I saw that you can’t use a password, and I did make a Personal Authentication Key, but there is nowhere to type it in. The section of git asking for a password has this grey key symbol that I can’t delete, and I can’t write a password of PAK, or anything. Please help :slight_smile:

(Learning to code for a second career, first time poster, c and c welcome and encouraged, let me know if I’m not using this forum right.)

Just create the GitHub token and paste it there. Once you paste it there then you just have to press enter you won’t see the token there. You have to use that token key there as far as I remember.

Nevermind, I actually think that worked! I swear I tried that before. But. Thanks!!!

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Its totally okay @todd.meier