Git merge Part 5 Step 2

Thanks for the answer. I was getting frustrated with this step.


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Thank you so much! I had been stuck on this exercise for about a week.

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This solotion worked fine for me! Splendid solution!
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hey thanks dude…it works…

Here is a shorter list that will let you bypass the bug.

  1. [Get Help]
  2. Reset Exercize
  3. cd my-quizzes
  4. git fetch
  5. git merge origin/master

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: Was stuck at this problem for a long time. Your solution indeed solved the problem :slight_smile:

Thanks, It’s Help Me!

Thank you! I’ve been puzzled about it for 3 hours!

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Herman from Enschede

Yeah, I follow these steps and make it, thx

woah! thanks man ,totally worked

Awesome! Just what I needed to complete the task!