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<The instructions for this topic are unclear and prevent me from moving forward. Additionally, when I click “get code”; there is a failure to connect to code academy’s server. I’m at a loss with this assignment. The exercises are very poorly written. Looking for assistance from someone who has a clue and allow me to complete this course.

Is there a feedback mechanism where users can provide constructive feedback to code academy toward improving the content of the course?

Most exercises there are about considering:

  • the current state
  • desired state
  • what commands correspond to that difference

The first point requires you to be familiar with commands like pwd and ls, some git commands like git status or git log also help in figuring out what the current state is

Typing things in without considering what things are won’t be very effective, kind of like frying eggs in your living room - you’d need to relocate to the kitchen first.

Pretty difficult to get feedback to where it makes a difference. Possibly the feedback feature in the exercises - but I don’t know how that is handled, not a clue.

Ok, everything you said made no sense to me and didn’t come near answering the question to the instructions. I appreciate your time in your response however. I’ve already tried the other commands, i.e. git log, git status.

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