Git merge origin/master


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Im doing exactly like the exercise asks but it says :-
Your branch is up-to-date with ‘origin/master’
I dont know how this is possible since if i navigate to the science-quizzes folder i see a different commit history than the my-quizzes clone. Still it says origin/master is up to date

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Please restart terminal and do:

Git fetch origin
Git merge origin/master

I first reset the exercise and not just the shell. Then following what you suggested worked. Thanks!!
Also i still dont understand what went wrong in the first place. I executed the same commands except i entered “git fetch” and not “git fetch origin”. Was this maybe the fault?

Hello I just faced this issue too, I just would like to understand if this was my fault or a bug?
just like arraywhiz I was expecting git fetch only. can you explain?


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@arraywhiz80495 @ntkbot Maybe I will be safe to say that that step was left for us to figure out than a bug really. You just could have been working on a project and want to merge origin and master. But then to be sure you are doing it right, you will need to fetch the origin.

Just like I am working on one and need to figure out what folder I am in, as well as files in it or to check out my log. Stuffs like that.

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