Git level 6 git diff trying to find the terminal


confused. Trying to find the terminal just to pass #2 and #3


The terminal is the right most pane, you should have a $ prompt there.

To enter diff mode, type: git diff
To exit diff mode, press q


number 3. i typed git diff scene 1.txt in the terminal, but it keeps showing a failure. am I supposed to type something else? btw thanks for the help.


Step 3 is asking you to add the file, not check for differences. Those are two different git commands.


by adding the file,does it mean to just add scene-1.txt?


Almost. You always have to put the word git first, then the rest of the command.


like git add scene-1.txt?


Yes, that's right...


Yay!!! sorry,I'm new to this.


No problem, everyone here was new to this once!