Git lession 1 exercise 6

First questions answer is, git show HEAD. But it’s not taking it. What’s the deal?

If you would indicate exactly which exercise you are on that will help.

Also, please post a screen shot so we can see what you are seeing.

i have same problem too.
This is command order:
git log
git reset …
git log
git commit -m “test”

But i can pass this exercise.

Please post a screenshot so that we can see exactly what you see.

i think it needs to be 7 characters.

What needs to be 7 characters?

the commit e.g git commit -m"1234567"

I haven’t heard that there is a lower limit to the length of a git commit message. I couldn’t find anything quickly to confirm it.

just try putting 1234567. it worked for me.

me too D: i wonder…

It is “git reset 5d69206”

it legit will not let me type after I type
“git log”
the log comes down the screen and when it tells me to do the second direction for lesson 6, it will not let me type

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same here
I think you may have to restart