Git init not working?


I can't get the git init command to work or be recognised...

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I have tried to put git init into every directory that could possibly be my site's directory.. and nothing.. can anyone please advise?



I had the same problem. What I did was reset the exercise under the Get Help button and then i typed

cd personal-website

and then I typed

git init

It worked for me afterwards. I am not really sure why, but it did.


I had the same problem, but now I knew the solution. So when running this:

cd personal-website

terminal responds 'no such file or directory', right? So, you have to make a directory with name personal website. To do this you have to run:

mkdir personal-website

Then, if you change directory to personal-website and run git init a repo must be initialized.
Hope, I'd help you!


Thanks! I had the same problem and your solution helped!


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