Git in Terminal with a error message

Hi There,

I am trying to get git from my terminal, but unfortunately I get always a error message:
$ git

xcrun: error: invalid active developer path (/Library/Developer/CommandLineTools), missing xcrun at: /Library/Developer/CommandLineTools/usr/bin/xcrun

and that happens even though I reinstalled Git over and over again…
How can I bring it to work, 'cause otherwise I am unable to go further on my exercise…
I even do not get that supposed pop-up window to install it…
I am really stuck here!

Thanks for the help in advance :smiley:

that’s a very google-able error message

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Hi, I pasted the error message into Google and came across this StackExchange page:

StackExchange Question

It seems as though you’re missing some XCode tools, and you need to install them. You apparently don’t need ALL of XCode, just the tools. I hope this helps. :slight_smile:


Thank you both (@ionatan and @secretpunk). Meanwhile I thought that could be the case and I am trying to install them…
Let’s c :wink:
Keep you posted :slight_smile:

It worked!!! :slight_smile:

Thank you!!!