Git Hub Excursion Project

I am stuck at step 6. Created my repository however the files I created in step 5 do not show when Github paged is refreshed. Repository is visible but not files. I am very confused

Step 6 of which lesson are you talking about?

Unit 3 Git and GitHub Excursion Project: Project Step 6

Hmm can’t find it, link please >.<

Hi, not sure what link you are asking for…link to lesson or repository?

The lesson :slight_smile:

Unit 3, day 4 Git Hub Excursion Project…my question is, per lesson I created the Excursion Directory, and the files I was asked to create, index.html, and CSS folder. I then created the new repository. Per instructions when you refresh page, you will see your New Repository in GitHub with your created files inside. I have the New Repository, but files are not visible…I don’t know why?

I am stuck in step 6 when I push my files I have this error :slight_smile:
$ git push -u origin main
remote: Permission to CHIBANE-Mahdi/excursion.git denied to Mahdi-CHIBANE.
fatal: unable to access ‘’: The requested URL returned error: 403

Hi @mahdichibane56648693

I would always recommend googling the error as this will normally point you in the right direction and help you debug and resolve the issue.

A couple of recommendations from me to check are:

  1. are you using the correct credentials to connect to GitHub from the terminal (it can be easy to incorectly do if using a username and password)
  2. have you configured SHH or GPG Keys. If yes, check you have followed the steps properly on GitHub.
  3. googled and found the same issue here!

I hope this helps.