Git & GitHub problems

I’m most of the way through my first Codecademy course on basic web-development with html, CSS but I’m now up to this page on Git & GitHub

I’ve created a Git repository on my PC and on GitHub but when it gets to the steps to link my local repository I follow the instructions as per the above page and as per the video on the following page and absolutely nothing happens. It never asks for my username and password for GitHub in GitBash as the guide says it will, in fact pressing enter just moves my cursor down as it would in a word processor. I’m very confused and a bit frustrated as I don’t want to skip ahead till I’ve got this.

Hi @system2122426255, welcome to the forums. A little more information might be useful for anyone willing to provide advice.

Your OS, the program you’re using as your terminal and the shell you’re using would be helpful. A little description of what you’ve done, what hangs and when would also be useful. A screenshot or similar might be easier for parts of this.

Hi, I’m using Windows 10 and Git Bash as my command line interface. As you can see from this screenshot I’m taking the instructions from GitHub and pasting them into Git Bash but when I press enter on the third instruction literally nothing happens. The walkthrough video on Codecademy says it should then ask for my Git Hub username and password but it doesn’t.

If it’s gitbash then it could be this bug- Gitbash hangs with `git push -u` and https credentials which caught out a few folks. There would only be a few versions affected but it seems similar to the problems others reported, updating git for windows might be the easiest option but there are other workarounds in that link.