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I’m in the middle of jumping from the Web Dev career track over to Full stack engineer track and one of the things that’s new to me is the use of VSCode (I was using Sublime before that). It seems that VScode has more ability for version control which is good. My main issue/question, is what is the best way to use VScode with Git? I’m finding Git a bit confusing but it seems that consistently saving work and projects is important to keep a good record for employers. Should I be saving all of my projects to Git or just the ones that I want to show? I’m a little lost and any advice/help/resources would be much appreciated!

Hi! Git/github takes a while to get used to! It is essential to know if you plan on programming professionally. I recommend this free pdf book which comes in many languages, Pro Git (

There may also be some useful CS50 courses on youtube that talk about git, and of course the Codecademy courses are useful as well (I’m assuming you might have gone through those).


I think saving almost everything you do with git or at least some form of versioning is probably the right way to go. VS code itself doesn’t strictly have versioning but it’s built to integrate well with git and it can save you some of the hassle of working with git in the command line all the time which is a pain with optional plug-ins that can do much more.

As for whether or not you choose to upload every project though is up to you and even if you do you don’t necessarily have to make them public. However, slowly building a portfolio of some form is, as you say, very useful for potential employers and if nothing else you’ll get practice with some kind of versioning.


I recommend this free pdf book which comes in many languages, Pro Git.

I’m having Déjà vu. :wink:

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