Git fetch orgin produces error


In the Git teamwork exercise I am working on exercise 5 (git merge).

The code that I enter is:

  1. cd my-quizzes
  2. git fetch orgin
  3. git merge orgin/master

line 2 produces this error: 'fatal, origin does not appear to be a git repository'
'fatal could not read from remote repository'
'Please make sure you have the correct access rights and the repository exists'

line 3 produces the error: 'not something we can merge'

I have examined the current directory with $pwd which shows:

I used git branch to confirm that I am on the master directory.

I have examined other solutions posted in this forum and they do not seem to be working for me. Can someone please help me identify my error.


Try going back to the previous exercise and redoing it.


That did not help. I did every lesson over again, thinking that I may have misspelled a file name or entered a command incorrectly. There is some sort of error. Furthermore, the solution suggested by other commenters in this forum requires the command git fetch orgin, which is pretty unintuitive considering the previous lesson introducing the fetch command mentions nothing about including a path/branch name (origin).


Thanks for the suggestion though. I'm going to proceed with learning Git through a different source.


Here is what it looks like when I try it:


I completed this by simply typing in pwd which showed I was still in the working directory.
to correct, I took the advice of one of the others and closed the bash instance and reopened it, which put me back into the main linux directory and I was able to complete the git fetch and then git merge without issue.

I would suggest to anyone that sees the issue please follow designslayers advice and close the bash terminal.


There is a spelling error which is why is it not working.
you typed in
$git merge orgin/master
and it would work if origin was spelled right (It has two i's one before and after g"
so it would look like this:
$git merge origin/master


Yea it was simply a spelling error. I forgot about this post.


I tried that as well, but the problem that I see is that the terminal says: "There is no such file or directory" when you input "cd my-quizzes". So I'm at a loss. Is there a problem with codeacademy's database or am I doing something wrong. Yes, I get the philosophy if you give us the answers, we'll eventually learn to code, but not learn to be programmers; however you have to give us the ability to resolve error issue. Else no one will be able to complete the courses on code academy.
I'll probably have to take this course on Teetree or Code School.


Ok, it looks like after resetting everything (a glitch with codeacademy's database) and inputting "git remote -v", "git fetch", and then "git merge origin/master" it finally works. I seriously think codeacademy needs to consider re-writing the instructions to guide the student through the lesson. I think the fact is, when the student attempts to type any other possible command; it doesn't correspond to any actual physical file or directory. You simply can't make a mistake or deviate from what is set in the sequence of instruction.


$git fetch

$git merge origin/master