Git exercise 6 (diff)

Hi everyone.
I am stuck in this exercise.
I understood nothing about it.
What should i type to make the exercise right?
i typed this phrase several times but it does not work " I should’ve known you would be here, Professor McGonagit."
Can you all help me?
Thank you so much.


Write the phrase in scene-1.txt under “Harry Programmer and the Sorcerers Code: Scene 1” and not in the console.
Then the first part of the exercise should work.

This is like the first task in “Basic Git Workflow”

ok now that part is done what is next ? coz if i write the cmd $ git diff scene-1.txt it give me an error msg and writes END so i cant type any further.

This is silly, but make sure that the phrase in scene1.txt is in Line 3, so Line 2 will be blank.

A help that can be useful:
You would add a new bash windows, and close the actual bash screen, and continue the next step.

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Having the same issue and all I can do is get past part 1. Can someone please help? What should I write and where?

I was having the same issue and found that I have been trying to run my git commands in the .txt file and not on the command line…lol (silly me.) and also found it necessary to close the bash (command line) and open a new one. to complete part three. I feel sometimes these instructions are not very clear.

really you’re right, i tried it, and succeeded .