Git error when trying to create a username and password

Initially, I tried to set up and commit the git_practice folder. However, because I did not understand how to set up my username and password, I deleted and reinstalled git bash.
I think, in this process, the gitconfig file was still saved at the initial location and when I reinstalled,. i installed somewhere else. Now, when I try to create my username and password, it is coming up with “cannot find any directories”. Is there any way to register the gitconfig at a new location.

Hmm. I’d have though a new install would point to the standard location of $HOME/.gitconfig. You may to check this file or within any git repos for config files and any .lock files to try and clear up that old link. If that’s no good try and online search for that specific problem. Sorry if that’s none too helpful. I can’t work out exactly where you’d still retain the old link.