Git diff, step 6, instruction 3. Help


I don't understand instruction 3
"Add the changes to the staging area in Git. Recall that you will need to identify the file by its name."
Can someone help me please?


try typing this
git add scene-1.txt


If i type,that still said: Did you remember to type the word "git", the command name and the filename?


that needs to be reported i guess, the command- git add scene-1.txt- does not work


Assuming you did the proper git diff scene-1.txt in the second step, the git add scene-1.txt should work now. If not, try restarting and do a git init.

Hope it helps.


You need to write:

git add scene-1.txt
git status

The rest doesn't work:(

Good luck:)


Type git add filename git is like the first letter of a sentence, it always has to start with a capitalize letter, so a git line has to start with the word git, the command add and then the filename you want to edit or whatever.


That helped a lot you do have to restart it and type what you said


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