Git diff isn't working I dont know what to do!


this is my code:

$ git diff scene-1.txt Dumblediff: I should've known
you would be here, Professor McGonagit.

what am I doing wrong?


Well, what are you trying to do with that line? It doesn't really make any sense at all.


i am trying to add the file to the staging area


The command for that is "git add filename". "git diff" is used to find the differences in different versions of your project/files.


but how do you add the additional text?


this is my code
$ git add scene-1.txt Dumblediff: I should've known y
ou would be here, Professer McGonagit.


You shouldn't write the additional text anywhere in the terminal. You add the text in the text editor, save the file and after that you write $ git add scene-1.txt


thank you sooo much it finally worked!!! :slightly_smiling: