Git: Create Branch on VS Code

Hey everybody! I’m on the Git version control in VS Code tutorial, and I can’t figure out to create a branch. At first I followed the instructions but the command “Git: Create Branch” is not showing on my VSCode Command Palette. I then searched the forum and found a similar question where it was advised to get the Git Extension Pack, click on the new extension, click on branches then on the plus icon (the command “Git Create Branch” is still not showing up in the command palette btw).
I did that, but instead of a menu at the bottom where I can click on branches, I have this:

Any ideas?
Thank you !

It seems you are not currently in the initialized repo where you want to create a branch.

You have to initialize a repo (if you haven’t already) and then cd into it. Then you can create branches from there.

Does that help?

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Once there, in the bottom-left corner of your VSC, you should see master or main or the name of your current branch. If you click on it, the option to create a new branch should appear at the top.

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Got it, I can see the master button along with the option to create a new branch. Thank you so much mate!