Git course: git init leads to error: Permission denied

Hi, i am trying to do the git course and i cannot cause i cannot do the second exercise, when i trye to initilized the git fron this exercise it put me error fatal: cannot mkdir 'git repository folder…": Permission denied. is this beacuse i does not git installed in my laptop?

Please can somebady help me?

Permission denied suggests you’re trying to do something for which your used does not have permissions. I’d assume here you’re trying to create a new repo in a directory for which you do not have write permissions. Try it under your home folder somewhere, say within a directory named git_test under a projects directory or something (I’d definitely suggest making a new directory first, not running git init in the home directory itself whatever way you do this).

Thank you for your answer, but this apply to the exercises in the codecademy platform? because this is happening in one exercesise og the git course. Thank you!

i tried again i could do it. I this it was en error in the web site. Thank you so much for your answer.

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