Git commit and then > and nothing works

so im doing this project
in task number 8 they ask me to add the edited html file and a commit so i do things in the next order:

  • git add index.html
    press enter
    *then open for me new line and i write:
    -git commit -m “Add boilerplate HTML and begin page content”
    press enter and then no new line is opening
    only the sign “>”
    if i write something or just press enter it will go a line down like this

the system is not responding anymore to what ever i put in
what happen?
I’m Using Terminal of Mac

thanks a lot!!

a very obvious example:

echo 'hello world

i forgot the ' to close the string. So now i get > on the next line, indicating you can continue on the next line, so now i could do:

>more worlds'

and then i am good. Now i closed the string. So we can put code on multiple lines

you can always press ctrl + c (or cmd + c for mac, maybe?), if the shortcut isn’t working just search: mac terminal interrupt signal.