Git clone
big problem help me please

How would you describe this big problem?
Helping is really hard when one doesn’t know what the matter is.

git clone remote_location clone_name

where, in the instruction “science-quizzes” is remote location and “my-quizzes” is clone_name

So your code is

git clone science-quizzes my-quizzes

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what’s wrong with
$ git clone /curriculum/science-quizzes my-quizzes

System responds with
fatal: repository ‘/curriculum/science-quizzes’ does not exist

thx 4 help

Sorry it’s clear - found it out myself.- blush :wink:

how you found it and whats the command?

The command is: “git clone science-quizzes my-quizzes”
if you type ls you see that in your current directory there is already the subdirectory science-quizzes
command pwd shows that you’re in directory /home/ccuser/workspace/curriculum
so there’s no need to refer /curriculum furthermore
for more information on linux command commands see course “Learn the command line” at
I hope this was helpful

Just type: git clone science-quizzes my-quizzes
The command is right, if it doesn’t work for the first time, enter it again without reset of an exercise… This will make a blast and code will now work :slight_smile: