Git cheatsheet needs a update

Hello all, I just wanted to let you guys know that the Git Cheatsheet is not as complete as others. It would be much better if team could look into it and make it better. As someone who is new to programming, cheatsheets are proving to be vital, especially for people like me who are have dyslexia. This platform has given me lot so I hope it would keep on improving. Thank you.


I completely agree with you! Let’s see if we can report that.

@sonnynomnom unsure if you have any opinion on this particular cheat sheet?


Welcome to the community @chip7147613015!

And yes I can take look. Can you send me a link to the Git Cheatsheet?

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Thank you miss Alissa and Mister Sonny.
Here is the link to the cheatsheet in question:

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thanks! will take a look