Git Branching Ex 9/10 - System does not recognize that branch is deleted


Learn Git/Git Branching/Exercise 9/10.
Hi- Like several other people, this section has left me stuck on this exercise for far too long. Everything works perfectly up to this point, including the Conflict in the previous exercise. I input the appropriate code to delete the 'fencing' branch'. Fencing is deleted. I use '$ git branch' to confirm that, and the output shows that I only have the master branch. However, my screen is now covered with red telling me, "You should only have one branch: master." I have repeated the entire section several times. I've done the last 3 sections over and over. I'm using the correct code. Output is telling me "fencing" is deleted. I only have one branch, and it's the master branch. I see nothing else for me to do.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get past this, and complete this thing? Am I missing something? I even used a different browser, cleared cache and cookies, etc- all with the same result. Thanks in advance for any help.


I resolved the issue myself. I reset the exercise (bottom right corner) AGAIN, and did the exercise without doing ANY of the extras under each instruction. For example: The instructions may say, 'Go to the master branch.' After that, but still in #1, it may say, 'Check to confirm you are in the master branch.' That is what I did not do. I didn't do any of the EXTRA instructions, and I completed this unit just fine.