Git Bash Untracked files Error

I type:
$ git status

And I have a bunch of my computer files popping up in red as untracked files.
(See attached)

I must have accidentally committed them when I was trying to commit another file, (hipster.txt)

I attempted to perform a clean:
$ git clean -d -n -x

Which asked me it would remove those files . I entered:
$ Git rm -f

And it said it could not remove , as well as I didn’t have permission.

I then attempted a HARD reset to no avail:

$ git git reset —hard HEAD

What am I doing wrong, and how can I remove these files from my working tree? Thank you very much.

Untracked means they’re not set-up to be committed. However the real issue here is that you must have set up a git repository in your HOME directory which you almost definitely do not want to do.

Consider removing the current .git files and then re-using git init in a more limited scope (typically a single project).

I appreciate your response so much, would you happen to have codes and steps that would help me undo this issue? Thank you

Git tracks repositories using a directory named .git. You’ll want to remove it. If you’re unsure have a look for some guidance on completely removing a git repository online. But check twice that you’re not removing anything else important :slightly_smiling_face:.

Thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction!