Git Bash (Git) getting fatal error message

Can anyone tell me why I am getting this error message? Please make it easy for me. I am not clear about this.
git error message

It looks like you’re in a directory that you haven’t run git init in before, so the directory it uses to store the data it needs (.git) isn’t present.

Make sure you navigate to your project’s main folder before running git init because you don’t want to accidentally track changes in your whole hard drive.


you must be there first which repository you working then try again . you et this problem becouse of you not on current working repository.

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firstly, you have to start git initialisation by command git init.

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To access all these git commands to be able to use version control, you need to make a git repository

To do this, you simply run:

git init

in your project directory

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Thank you very much for your kind effort.

I installed Git Bash, but when I run the first prompt (1s), I get “bash: 1s: command not found”

Can anyone tell me what that might mean?